St. Petersburg State University, June 18–22, 2019


St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Adress: 5, Mendeleevskaya line

St. Petersburg State University is a research and educational center of world significance, one of the largest centers of Russian science  and culture, the first university in Russia. The University dates back to 1724, when Peter the Great founded the Academy of Sciences and Arts as well as the first Academic University and the university preparatory school in Russia.

St. Petersburg State University today:
• 30,000 students
• 6,000 academic staff
• 398 main educational programmes
• 1,500 internship contracts and partnership agreements
• Over 450 partner universities
• 9 Nobel Prize winners
• 26 resource centers of the University Research Park
• 7 million books at the St Petersburg state university M. Gorky Scientific Library