St. Petersburg State University, June 18–22, 2019

On behalf of ISEHD organizing committee it is our pleasure to welcome you to XI International Symposium on Electrohydrodynamics, ISEHD 2019. We are honored to host this event at St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg, Russia). The main objective of the ISEHD series is to promote international cooperation and technological progress based on the interaction between electrical and fluid mechanics phenomena. The Symposium will provide an excellent forum to present results, review progress, and discuss future trends in electrohydrodynamics among researchers, engineers, and scientists. This reunion is preceded by international symposiums held every two to three years in different countries (Canada, Italy, France, Poland, and Japan). We warmly invite you to attend and to contribute ISEHD 2019.

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Main Topics

  • Electrohydrodynamic Flows in Liquids & EHD pumping
  • Ionic wind and Electro-Aerodynamics
  • EHD Spraying & Atomization
  • EHD of Multi-phase Media
  • Flow Electrification
  • EHD in Thermal Systems
  • Electrostatic Precipitation and Cleaners
  • EHD Treatment & EHD Bio Applications
  • EHD Microfluidics

ISEHD Committee

Chairperson: Prof. J. Mizeraczyk (Poland)

Co-Chairperson: Prof. E. Moreau (France)

Secretary General: Dr. K. Urashima (Japan)

Members: Prof. K. Adamiak (Canada), Prof. W. Balachandran (UK), Prof. C. Ching (Canada), Dr. V. Chirkov (Russia), Prof. J. Cotton (Canada), Prof. G. Harvel (Canada), Prof. A. Jaworek (Poland), Prof. S. Kanazawa (Japan), Prof. J. Li (China), Prof. T. Kawasaki (Japan), Prof. P. Vazquez (Spain), Prof. Y. Wu (China), Prof. J. Yagoobi (USA), Prof. K. Yan (China), Dr. A. Zukeran (Japan).

Honorary ISEHD Members:

Prof. Em. P. Atten (France), Prof. A. Mizuno (Japan), Prof. T Oda (Japan), Prof. T. Ohkubo (Japan), Prof. Y. Stishkov (Russia), Prof. G. Touchard (France), Prof.  T. Yamamoto (Japan)

Local Organizing Committee

Vladimir Chirkov (Conference Chair), Andrei Samusenko, Ilya Elagin, Valery Pavlov, Olga Pavleino, Sergei Vasilkov, Andrei Sitnikov, Albert Gazaryan, Irina Gaponiuk